Please take note that the Corona Virus does not move on its own, people move it.  Your wellbeing is our greatest concern therefore, the following measures must be observed at all times:

  • As a directive from the ministry all students are required to come with face masks. All students without face masks will be prohibited from entering the College premises.
  • Body temperature checks prior to entering the College premises will be compulsory
  • You will be required to wash hands with soap before entry into the College premises, lecture rooms, hostels, and laboratories
  • Observe social distance of at least one-meter from the next person
  • No more than two persons in hostels per room are allowed to facilitate social distancing
  • Visitors to the hostels will be restricted
  • Always cover your mouth and nose with tissue when you sneeze or cough , or do so on a flexed elbow and do not forget to dispose off used tissue in the bins
  • Be your brother’s keeper, isolate yourself from other people when you feel unwell and report any signs of Corona Virus to relevant authorities.