Evelyn Hone College Management Board would like to quell or dispel a fake, scandalous and fraudulent Facebook Page which has been soliciting for funds from unsuspecting members of the public, particularly the 2021 Grade 12 School Leavers on the pretext that the fake Facebook Page is enrolling students and offering scholarships or bursaries!

The Facebook Page is called, ‘Evelyn hone college fresher’s 2022 and bursaries updates’. Please be forewarned that this is a scam and therefore, all members of the general public are hereby advised NOT to enter into any business transactions using the aforementioned Facebook page.

The official Facebook Page for the College is called; Evelyn Hone College

This matter has already been reported to the relevant law enforcement agencies and soon the culprits behind this scam will be brought to book or arrested.

For any further information, please do not hesitate to contact our Admissions Office on +260 211 220208 or email: admissions@evelynhone.edu.zm