Education and Social Sciences


The School of Education is one of the four Academic Schools at Evelyn Hone College and is situated in the Business Block of Evelyn Hone College’s Lusaka Main Campus. The School has a long outstanding culture of academic excellence which is based on the belief that education is the key to both national and personal development. An understanding that the training of quality teachers and educators has direct impact on the nature of citizens that will be produced from the different Secondary Schools, colleges and Universities energizes the school to continue aiming for the highest quality in teacher training.  The ability to produce these quality teachers if fueled by the presence of highly trained lecturers and the enabling academic environment. The School offers programmes in music, art, communication skills, social work, mathematics and the various sciences. Naturally, the School is supervised and inspected by the Teaching Council of Zambia (TCZ) to ensure that the standards of teaching are adhered to. The teachers trained under this school are of very high quality and competitive and are able to work in any environment within and outside the country. The focus of the school is to remain innovative and responsive to the different needs of the country and the global world in terms of education and training manpower for the academic industry. It is the understanding that society is dynamic and that dynamism must also be seen in the growth of the School of Education. To this end, the School has continued to grow by increasing the number of programmes that are offered. And it is therefore anticipated that in line with the 2018 to 2020 strategic plan, the school is expected to upgrade most of the current diploma programmes into Bachelor’s Degree programmes.


To be the preferred tertiary school for competencies in academia and education research related issues.


  • Teamwork
  • Integrity
  • Effectiveness
  • Professionalism
  • Accountability
  • Transparency
  • Fairness

Programmes offered by the School of Education

  1. Certificate in fashion and design
  2. Certificate in Library Studies
  3. Cambridge A-Levels
  4. Secondary Teachers Diploma in Mathematics and ICT
  5. Secondary Teachers Diploma in Integrated Science
  6. Music Teachers Diploma
  7. Music and English Teachers Diploma
  8. Art and English Teachers Diploma
  9. Diploma in Teaching methodology
  10. English Secondary School Teachers Diploma
  11. Diploma in Library Studies
  12. English as a foreign language
  13. Diploma in Social Work

Other Services Offered

  1. Consultancy services in education related matters
  2. Short courses

School Structure

The School has five (5) sections, namely; Music Section, Art Section, Communication Skills Section, Social Work Section and Mathematics and Science Education Section. These are strategically located in the Business Block of the College for ease of interaction and quality supervision. Each section is headed by the Head of Section who reports to the Head of School who in turn reports to the Vice Principal of the College.

Contact Details


  1. Head of School-Mr. Patrick Mumba


  1. Mathematics and Science Education Section

Head of Programmes-Mr. Patson Chalwe Kasongo

Email: /

  1. Music Section- Mr. Simushi Namasiku


  1. Social Work Section

Head of Section-Mr. Martin Phiri


  1. Communication Skills Section

Head of Section-Mrs. Nyirongo Charity


  1. Art Section

Head of Section-Mr. Andrew Katembula


  1. Secretary for the School of Education: Mrs. P Tembo – Chika