Health and Applied Sciences


The School of Applied and Health Sciences emerged from the merging of two departments, (1) Academic and Applied Sciences Department and (2) Health Sciences Department in September 2016.  The School started off with nine (09) programmes, and by March 2017 it ran eleven (11) programmes following the introduction of Secondary Teachers programmes in Mathematics/Computers and Integrated Science respectively.

All the offered programmes closely relate academic and practical training with industrial application and relevance to guarantee the needed service delivery.  Furthermore, science and technology are incorporated to benefit diverse and wide scope of clients in both urban and rural settings.

The school is in the process of work meant to upgrade the scope of the programmes offered to enable education and training at higher qualification levels required for remedying higher profile competency gaps where the solution does not lie in populating same level competencies without diversification and depth. Additional to the existing diploma programmes, the environment and mechanisms for other relevant programmes at diploma level as well as degree and postgraduate levels are being addressed to expedite growth of the School.


To be preferred tertiary school for industry-relevant competencies and research in applied and health sciences.


Teamwork, Integrity, Effectiveness, Professionalism, Accountability, Transparency, Fairness.

Programmes offered by the school

The School currently offers eleven (11) programmes:

  • Certificate in Science laboratory Technology,
  • Diploma in Science Laboratory Technology,
  • Diploma Biomedical Sciences,
  • Diploma in Biomedical Engineering,
  • Diploma in Diagnostic Ultrasound,
  • Diploma in Environmental Health,
  • Diploma in Pharmacy,
  • Diploma in Physiotherapy,
  • Diploma in Radiography,
  • Secondary Teachers Diploma in Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Secondary Teachers Diploma in Integrated Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology)


Consultancy Services

  • Tailor-made innovations for industry in Science Laboratory Technology, Biomedical Sciences, Environmental Health, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Radiography, Diagnostic Ultrasound, Biomedical Engineering
  • Clinical or Technical Services in Biomedical Sciences, Radiography, Diagnostic Ultrasound, Physiotherapy, Biomedical Engineering, Environmental Health, Sciences Laboratory Technology

Short Courses

  • Assaying (sampling, sample preparation and sample management
  • Techniques in preparation of chemical solutions
  • Calculus for A- level students
  • Occupational Health, Safety and Environment
  • Frontline Diagnostic Ultrasound (obstetrics, Gynaecology, General Medical, Cardiovascular)
  • Radiography Assistants’ Training
  • Other training – subject to needs assessments and evaluation of demand

School Structure

The School has six Sections: Academic and Applied Sciences, Biomedical Sciences, Environmental Health, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy and Radiography. Each Section is headed by a Head of Section reporting to the Head of School  who reports to the Vice Principal.



Phone: +260 211227752

Head of School – Dr Foster Munsanje, PhD.



Academic and Applied Sciences

Head of Section – Mr Boniface Mulenga

Email: /

Biomedical Sciences

Head of Section – Mr Brian Loloji

Email: /

Environmental Health

Head of Section – Mr John Lungu

Email: /


Head of Section – Mrs Ann M Silwimba

Email: /


Head of Section – Mr Cullen Kalaba



Head of Section – Mr Edward Mwansa

Email: /

Biomedical Engineering Unit

Coordinator: Ms Queen Chilufya

School Secretary – Mrs Prisca B Phiri

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