Business Studies Department is one of the seven and the largest Academic Department at Evelyn Hone College of applied Arts and Commerce, the largest College in Zambia. The department strives to offer quality and demand driven training with emphasis on competence and entrepreneurship. The focus of the present training is to produce graduate who will fit in manufacturing and services industry within shortest possible to enable employers realize benefits. The training also emphasizes self sustenance by put lots of emphasis on graduates to instantly become job makers through enterprise development and employ their colleagues.

History for Business Department

Business studies began operation in early 1970s, providing training then in Accountancy, Personnel Management and marketing. In late 1980s and early 1990s,the department expanded to include programs like Computer studies and Production Management. The number of students grew from below 400 to about 750. When the college was hived off to Management Boards in 1999, the department increases number of programs and enrollments went up.

The Vision for Business Department

The vision of Business Studies Department pursues the Evelyn Hone College vision as stated in the policy documents. More specifically the vision of the department is to continue serving the country through provision of excellence and competence base training that will result in production of highly qualifies manpower for sustainable development of Zambia’s Economy and contribute to the financial self-sustenance of the through:

  1. Improved pass rate
  2. Increased enrollment
  3. Improving work and learning environment to acceptable standards
  4. Enrolling 30% female student
  5. Introduction of higher qualification

Current Position of Business Department

Currently, the department is offering various certificate and diploma programs in business, accountancy and information technology studies. The programs are designed to equip student specific knowledge, skill and practice require in career training. The Duration of these programs range from 6 months to 3 years. The department has motivated and qualified lecturers who will teach you throughout your period of study. In business studies we have specialized information technology laboratories such as open source and computer hardware re. The number of training programs is about 20 on full time and 7 on part time, the total number of students is about 1800, with 37 full time lecturers supported by 11 part time lecturers and 2 support staff.

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