The Media Studies Department was established as part of the Communication Department to provide basic reporting, writing, photographic and production training for the upcoming print and electronic media industry and the training was mainly in-service. The Journalism Section has a student population of 180 students both part-time and full time.

From 1963 to 2003, the curriculum of the Journalism course evolved from a six month to a three-year Diploma programme in response to the changing needs of the media industry. The content of journalism training was given a basic social science character to make it more relevant to the times. In this regard, health and other diseases, HIV/AIDS, gender, water and sanitation, poverty eradication, were integrated in the journalism syllabus in order to orient trainee journalists with issue-based journalism.

The mainstream media (Print and Electronic Media), NGOs, Government Information Departments, community media and the corporate world are the main beneficiaries of the graduates from the Journalism and Printing Sections of the Evelyn Hone College.

The Section has Radio and Television production facilities used for the production of both radio and television programmes. In addition to the production studios, the Journalism Section has a radio station; Hone FM. Hone FM’s audience includes students from Evelyn Hone College, other training institutions and the general public in Lusaka.
The Journalism Section has produced and continues to produce high quality radio and television programmes, documentaries and advertisements for the Government Ministries, departments, public sector and private sector. These programmes have been (are) aired on Hone FM radio station and the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) Television Station and MUVI TV.

In addition to the broadcasting programmes, the Journalism students also produce a laboratory Newspaper called The Beacon. Ideally this paper is supposed to be published monthly but with reduced funding from Government, the paper is being produced three times in a year.

The Journalism and Printing Sections have been the main suppliers of print and electronic media personnel to the media industry for a long time.

The Journalism Section is requesting for the Grant Aid from the Government of Japan for Material Support to broaden the technical resource capacity of the Journalism Section, and also help it implement a new journalism curriculum which will incorporate global development issues like Water and Sanitation, Democratic Governance, HIV and AIDS, Gender, Poverty Reduction, Environmental Problems, Climate Change, Population, Education, Reproductive Health, Culture etc. The new journalism curriculum will adequately prepare the trainee journalists to cover these global development issues.

Media studies department has two sections namely Journalism and printing section
The department offers programs in journalism and print technology. We have the state of radio and TV studios. These are also available to the general public. The FM radio station covers Lusaka and managed by qualified and capable members of staff. The printing section has equipment for training and commercial.

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