Learning Platforms

10 Online Learning Platforms with Free Courses and Personalized Learning:

1. edx.org
edX provide more than 2000 free online courses from MIT, Harvard, Boston University etc. They cover Business & Management, Computer Science, Humanities, Design, Arts & Culture etc.

2. coursera.org
Coursera with a collaboration of 200+ leading universities and companies like IBM, Google, University of Michigan, etc offers free online courses on Computer Science, Health and Medicine, Programming, Engineering, Data Science etc.

3. codeacademy.com
Codeacademy is specifically for people who want to learn how to code with various languages that includes HTML & CSS, Python, C++, Java, Ruby, C# and so on. It provides a live practice demo and dashboard for monitoring your progress.

4. open.edu
Open University offers around free 1000 courses and a student will be given a certificate of participation upon completion. They cover childhood and youth studies education careers, health and sports, society, politics and law etc.

5. khanacademy.com
The Khan Academy offers free online courses for children aged from 2-18 years and adults. Their subjects include Life Skills, Economics, Reading and Language, Arts, Test Prep and so on.

6. ed.ted.com
TED-ED has a growing library of original animated videos that support their learning and are mostly videos of 15 minutes. They cover Philosophy and Religion, Psychology, Teaching & Education, Social Studies, Thinking and Learning , The Arts, etc.

7. alison.com
Alison offers free online courses on Marketing, Humanities, Language, Mathematics, Technology and so on.

8. online-learning.harvard.edu
Harvard now offers a variety of free courses on different subjects through their online platform. These courses include Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, Game Development, Digital Humanities, Fundamentals of neuroscience, to mention a few.

9. learndigital.withgoogle.com
Google offers a Free Digital Marketing course for one to study fundamentals of digital marketing and google products. Google awards an accredited certificate after completion.

10. futurelearn.com
Future Learn offers free online courses on Politics & Society, Psychology & Mental Health, Creative Arts a& Media, Nature & Environment, etc